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Try BSF With a Mini-Study

Interested in BSF? Try our unique four-fold approach with a short study. Select a study below to get started. For the best BSF experience, find a group to study in community!

Encounters With Jesus

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John 3-4

In this three-week mini-study, explore three personal encounters with Jesus. They looked for answers, healing, and miracles, but Jesus offered much more—eternal life and hope in Him.

Is Jesus God?

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John 10-11

As Jesus performed signs and miracles, witnesses asked the same question: who is this man? In this two-week mini-study, discover the truth about Jesus’s identity and the source of His power.

Finding Life in Jesus’s Death

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John 19-21

Jesus’s death on the cross is one of the most famous stories in the world. But what happened next altered history. In this three-week course, experience the power and promise of Jesus’s resurrection.